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Voice is your breath

When God created this world, He used His voice and the world was created and then He breathed the same breath in us, yes the same power to create something unique, something absolute.

As a voice coach, I would like to take you on this voice journey by asking you a very simple question.

Do you love your voice? What is your answer?

So, this journey would start with this simple thought. If you have never thought of loving your voice, I am giving you a moment, pause, yes this is the moment, come and fall in love with your voice.To begin with, I would like to thank my formative teachers, Nadira Zaheer Babbar and JR Vanamali and recognize their role in my life with a very high degree of love and respect.Today the voice tradition is continuing within me for over more than a decade and it makes me feel very rich that I am a very conspicuous part of this voice culture.Today, I have evolved in various realms of voicing and evolved into various versions of this inherited voice tradition, I train and educate people - “art of voicing”, driven by energy of my passion and valuable voicing techniques inherited by my voice guru - JR Vanamali.

On this platform, I would be sharing with you many beautiful things about my subject, voice, and I am sure, you would start working on your voice and in this path you would discover the best version of you. I would share with you, how you can find, develop and strengthen your voice and make it a most effective tool of human communication.

Voice training is a must for each and every human being. We all possess a voice capable of expressing, to a range of extent, but the tensions around us, like rush rush lifestyle or inhibitions, diminish the efficiency of our natural voice and give way to distorted communication. So, the first step is to be able to acknowledge, encourage, strengthen and love your voice.Thus removing obstacles and blocks, step by step to own your voice.You are your voice, your voice is what you are. If you ask me what voice is, I would smile and whisper in your ears that voice is a response to an impulse. A great voice is always in direct contact with emotional impulses, and would be articulated in clear speech, perfect response to transparent thinking and a great passion to express the heart out. In this process,you as a person is heard, your impulses are heard, your inner self is heard and your relaxed state is heard.

Five years back when I started my voice school, Viva Voice Academy, all I had was the passion and desire to share with others, the world and tradition of voicing, that I inherited from my voice teacher and a joyful heart. And the journey began.

Today, I want to encourage all of you to start knowing your voice, this can be a start of something great, voice has numerous possibilities, all you need to do is, know that you have a voice, and your voice is the only tool of expression in this world. I know, you love your job, you love your city, you love soupy noodles, you love your spouse and kids, but my lovely people, for once, love your voice, say it with me now, that you love your voice, yes,say, I love my voice !! Well, that’s a great start.

I will be back soon with more tips on how you can make your voice effective.


- Vandana Sengupta { voice coach, founder,Viva Voice Academy }

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